MDS - Human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System.



- a lot of potential illegal immigrants try to enter countries and cross borders by hiding in a vehicle.

- is a increasing demand for entrance/exit security in prisons,critical infrastructers and Military compounds

- Port security becomes a important issue. 


Our Technology, Worldwide known as MDS or “human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System “, inspects and detects human presence in any kind of vehicle and its load.


General information

MDS - The human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System - detects, within  15 - 45 seconds, with almost a 100% accuracy,  human presence in all kind of vehicles and its load,  through simultaneous use of 1 to 4 extremely sensitive geophones (seismic sensors), 1 ground vibration sensor, 1 low-frequency microphone and a unique, patent approved, digital signage software.


The MDS Technology is used for:

  • Border Security
  • Prisons and other correction facilities
  • Homeland Security
  • Entrance security at Critical infrastructures
  • Port Security